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Book Title Authors Publication Date
Aaron's intercesssion, and Korah's rebellion considered. A sermon preached before the University of Oxford; now printed, with what the author judged some seasonable additions; and Humbly recommended, at this Time of visitation, to the attention of the public. By Geo. Watson, Presbyter of the Chur...

Watson, George

Aa [sic] act for selling part of the entailed estate of Sir Henry Ibbetson, Baronet, and vesting other part thereof in him in fee-simple; ... None 1755
A backbiter's tongue, destructive to religion. Demonstrating I. The persons. II. The unlawfulness. III. The evil effects of backbiting, talebearing, slandering, whispering, &c. And for the most proper Remedy against these Evils, Charity is charitably Recommended. By John Bockett.

Bockett, John

A bagatelle. A dialogue. None 1774
Abailard et Éloïse. Piece dramatique, en vers et en cinq actes.

Guis, Jean Baptiste

A ballad for the Coronation-day. To the tune of, Ye commons and peers. None 1715
A ballad in honour of the present Regency. None 1719
A ballad in honour of the present Regency. None 1719
A ballad: occasion'd by some ladies wearing ruffs at court on the anniversary of his M-y's birth-day, the 29th of May, 1727. None 1727
A ballad of the cloak's knavery. To an excellent new tune, much in request. None 1760
A ballad of the French revolution. To the tune of "øCa ira." None 1791
A ballad of the French revolution. To the tune of "øCa ira." None 1791
A ballad on Lord Pelham's birth-day, July 24, 1714. To the Tune of, London is a fine Town, &c. None 1714
A ballad, on the death of Louis the Unfortunate, after the manner of Chevy Chace. A description of the appearance of Marie Antoinette's Ghost before the convention. A sonnet, on the French Atheistical Motto, ``death is an Eternal Sleep.'' And, An Ode on Greatness. None 1793
A ballad on the taking of Bergen-op-Zoom. None 1747
A ballad. To the tune of, On the fourteenth of August. None 1741
A ballad, upon a gentleman's sitting upon the Lady W-----'s Cremona fiddle. To the tune of King John, and the abbot of Canterbury. None 1720
A ballance for merchants and mariners: containing an undoubted account of the principal causes of the great decay of trade; with proper directions to set our trade again on a right foot. By a sincere well-wisher to the trade and prosperity of the nation.

Sincere well-wisher to the trade and prosperity of the nation

A banquet for gentlemen and ladies, consisting of nine comick and tragick novels viz. The treacherous friend. The jealous husbands. The friendly cheat. Jealousy without a Cause. The Cuckold turn'd Confess The Prodigal Reclaim'd, and Virginity Restor'd. The Unfortunate Lovers. The Cruel Mother; an... None 1703