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  • You can search for Ornaments within a size range of [Height 1, Height2] and [Width 1, Width2].
  • You can also use the wildcard symbol '*' for Height 2 and/or Width 2 to specify no upper bounds on the height or width of the Ornament.
  • Hint: an ornament spanning the width of a page will typically have a size of 1000 ± 100.
  • Hint: an ornament spanning the full height of a page will typically have a size of 2100 ± 100.

  • Optionally, you can also further refine your ornament search by constraining the types of books you want to search in.
  • Search for ornaments from books that match your desired title, author, publisher etc. or within a date range or subject area.
  • If you don't fill in the optional features then no additional filters will be applied to the ornament search.